Episode 13 : Every Saga Has An Ending

May 17, 2015

Episode 13 is finally launched with a huge announcement regarding the podcast going forward.

The show is slightly different to the normal format as we bring you live recordings from Celebration Anaheim as we share our live show with the listeners.  We have interviews galore from the podcast members who attended Celebration as they speak with John Morton, Iain Sanderson as well as the delightful people from Order 66.

We do still have a couple of the usual segments as Jez brings us the Latest Acquisitions, Richard takes us through Star Wars in the News and Pete reflects on the Vectis auction that he discussed on the previous podcast.

All this to sink your teeth into in what is a relative short podcast for us chaps!


Episode 12 : That’s No Spoon

April 12, 2015

With Celebration VII imminent, the team from Star Wars Forum UK Podcast release their twelfth episode to make everyone's journey to the event more enjoyable.

This months focus interview is with forum favourite and Han Hoth focus collector Andrew Norton - find out exactly why he is called Spoons on all the forums.

Skye Paine and Stephen Danley join Grant in this months Events section to discuss Anaheim, including an insightful look into the Archive Party.

Mattias Rendahl joins Rich to discuss his new proof book and Ross Barr updates the team on the Ugrading petition that is to be presented to AFA.

All this plus much much more on your favourite Vintage Collecting podcast. 


Episode 11 : Recognising Foul Stenches

March 20, 2015

Welcome to the eleventh instalment of the ever growing Star Wars Forum UK Podcast, Recognising Foul Stenches.

We are delighted to welcome a new member to the podcast crew as the four become five once again with forum favourite Jez joining the team.  This months interview is totally charming as we chat to American Bruce White about Princess Leia, Tattoos, Art, Anaheim and his Cosmetic Beauty Bag.  This months oddballs takes a behind the scenes look at the autograph track, joining Grant to look at this is none other than Gerald Home, A.K.A. Squid Head.  But Grant's interview with Gerald Home plays second fiddle to an interview special when Jez's son Leo takes to the airwaves to ask Gerald the questions we all want to ask.  In this months Vintage Star Wars news we take a look at the current Facebook reproduction and ugrade protest as Grant chats to the two driving forces behind the campaign in Ross Barr and Jason Smith.  We also hear from Iain Sanderson as we discuss his new Acrylic displays.  Rich goes into the recent Lily Ledy reproductions weapon haul and speaks with TIGs Paul Ford.  We also have some huge announcements regarding the podcast stage at Anaheim as well as looking at the recent Farthest From event where Pete speaks with Dan Franco.  All this plus much much more on the best vintage pod!


Episode 10 : Sith Smithsonian

February 17, 2015

Welcome to Episode X of the SWFUK Podcast.  This months podcast has guests galore join the podcast team as we talk to no less than six people.  This months interview is with Palitoy Golden Collector Gary Smith.  His collection is so impressive and vast it makes this interview un-missable for any Star Wars Collector.  Kick back and enjoy Gary go through his Palitoy and miscard collection.  This months market section is rammed as Pete discusses the recent Vectis Auction, during the market section we hear from Craig Stevens himself who sold those amazing Palitoy pieces, whilst Pete also catches up with Kathy Taylor from Vectis.  This months Forum Roundup, we hear from Matt McCartney about his second book in the Hamington Chronicles that has recently been released, whilst Rich looks at another topic off the SWCA.  In this months Oddballs Grant talks autographs with Nick from Franks Autographs and for any autograph hunter this is a must listen.  The final person we hear from this month is Richard McLean during the events section as he discusses his upcoming event 'Echo Base 2', which sounds like a stonking event.  As well as all this we also have the usual Boom, LA and Rapid Fire sections as well.  So sit back and indulge yourself in some top vintage collecting chat!


Episode 9 : Guardians of the Plastic Galaxy

January 21, 2015

IT'S 2015 and the crew from The SWFUK podcast return with their longest episode to date.

On this month's show we hear from Plastic Galaxy director Brian Stillman as he sits in with Stuart and Grant for this months feature interview.

Grant concludes his latest two part oddball section as we hear the final part of his interview with Retroblastings Michael and Melinda.

As well as these cracking interviews we have all the regular sections.  Ben looks at the latest acqusitions thread off the forum, Richard looks at a post that was put up on RS which sent shockwaves throughout the forums and facebook groups.  Pete brings his Market section including a look at the recent Vectis auction and a Return of the Jedi climbing frame.  We also hear from friends of the podcast, Jez Allinson and Chris Mann, who we chatted to at the Farthest From event back in December.

So put your feet up and kick back for the current epic podcast from the boys from StarWarsForum.co.uk


The Christmas Special

December 23, 2014

IT'S CHRISTMAS!  And to celebrate the holiday season the SWFUK Podcast crew have put together a special Xmas Show for your listening pleasure.  The regulars are joined by forum favourites Jez and Chris Mann as special guest hosts.  Within the show there are many Christmas cracker jokes, out takes, discussions, Poetry and the announcement of this years forum awards winners.  As well as all this we have the SWFUK Podcasts first ever pantomime 'the Farce Awakens' starring the podcast team along with Jez, Chris Mann, Jason Smith and Dan Burgess.  So grab a mulled wine and listen to some Christmas Star Wars Banter during this festive season.


Episode 8 : Jason and the Ugnaughts

December 16, 2014

A year on from the Toy Toni revelations, the podcast team interview Jason Smith, A.K.A. Mr Palitoy.  Jason has put in many hours of work in trying to unravel the mystery of the TT scandal and opens up to the podcast with his findings.  In this months Oddballs, Mr Criddle catches up with Michael and Melinda from Retroblasting as we hear the first part of a two part special interview with them.  We hear from the podcast crew regarding the recent Farthest From VII event and get to speak with Mark Newbold, James Burns, Dan Burgess and Podcast fan Neil whilst attending.  As well as all this we have all the usual popular sections; Latest Acquisitions, Rapid Fire, Market, Boom and Forum Roundup.  So get listening to the latest epic from the SWFUK Podcast crew!


Episode 7 : Mr Trilogo

November 19, 2014

The eagerly awaited episode Seven of the Star Wars Forum UK Podcast has finally landed.  Joe O'Brien joins the podcast as we discuss trilogos and what it's like to be a focus collector of such an unloved figure as 8D8.  The lads review their recent podcast road trip to the FACTS event in Ghent, Belgium and Richard looks at whether the dealers are to blame for pushing up prices in this months Boom section.  In this months oddballs, Grant brings us the concluding instalment of his three part look at OT computer games as he delves into the games which were released between 1992 and 1999.  As well as all this we have all the other usual popular segments, LA, Market and Rapid Fire.  It's another epic edition, so kick back and enjoy the show.  SNAFFLE SNAFFLE!


Episode 6 : The Phantom Mannace

October 14, 2014

Welcome to Episode Six of the SWFUK podcast brought to you in conjunction with www.starwarsforum.co.uk.  This month we speak with Chris Mann and discuss his collecting habits including taking a look at his Yoda focus.  Grant Criddle brings us the second part of the Vintage Star Wars Computer Games in this months oddballs.  We hear from David Moss in this months forum roundup section and Richard looks at the new SWCA format in his boom section.  We have all the other usual favourites, such as, Latest Acquisitions, Market, Events and Rapid Fire sections.  It's another scorcher of a show, so sit back and enjoy this months Vintage Collecting Number One Podcast!


Episode 5 : TinTim, Why Aren’t You At Your Post?

September 20, 2014

Episode 5 : TinTim, Why Aren't You At Your Post?

Episode 5 is another action packed show with all the usual favourite sections, including Boom Section, Forum Roundup, Latest Acquisitions, Rapid Fire, Market and Events.  The podcast team are privileged to have Belgian Star Wars fanatic Tim Veekhoven on for an interview.  Tim is the co-founder and President of Star Wars Fan Club Teekay 421 as well as having work published by both starwars.com and Star Wars Insider Magazine.  We also have a belter of an oddballs section this month as we delve into the licenced video game market from 1982 to 1993.  All this plus another generous competition, you'd be mad not to take some time to listen to the best Star Wars Vintage Collecting Podcast currently available.